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Celebrating the Queen’s 90th, iChild style

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Arts and crafts are fast becoming a new favourite activity in our house at the moment. Since the arrival of our new baby, we have spent a bit more time at home and so I’ve embraced more indoor activities to keep the toddler entertained when baby is sleeping or mummy is just plain tired. We were excited to receive an iChild pack recently that was full …

Five ways to entertain a toddler on a rainy day

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Entertaining a toddler on a rainy afternoon can sometimes prove a bit challenging… There are after all only so many episodes of Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol that you can watch before one of you (probably Mummy or Daddy) is trying to hide the remote. Toys  can also quickly lose their appeal, especially if they are played with every day. So it’s sometimes handy to …

Getting ready for our new baby

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So, with the due date now just a few weeks away, we are getting the final preparations ready for our new arrival. The car seat has come down from the loft, the hospital bags are packed, clothes have been washed and we have a supply of tiny nappies. Now that maternity leave has started, I have no doubt I will soon be emptying kitchen cupboards …