Mum life tip: Baby Pics app

Baby pics app

As soon as you receive that positive pregnancy test, it’s possible to capture every step of your pregnancy as well as the beginnings of your new baby’s life. With a simple click of your camera phone, moments are preserved for you to share, print out or look back on whenever you wish.

Pregnancy and the arrival of your new baby (and indeed the years afterwards) are full of exciting memories and your camera phone and back up storage are likely to fill up very quickly! Pinterest and Instagram are awash with some really creative ideas about how to document your growing tummy and welcome your little ones into the world.

I’ve recently discovered mobile app Baby Pics. This app is designed for you to add filters, text and some beautiful artwork to your pictures to help you document milestones, precious moments and day-to-day life. It’s simple to use and intuitive which is particularly handy if, like me, you can be all fingers and thumbs when using your phone.

The app costs £2.99 to download and there is an additional charge for more premium artwork elements, but I do recommend paying for it as the convenience of being able to create personalised pictures one handed (when holding baby) is worth it.

I only discovered the app a few weeks ago so have only been able to document my last few weeks of this pregnancy but will certainly be using it when little one arrives! Here are a few of my shots to give you a taste of the app. Enjoy!

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