Mum life tip: 1 Second Every Day app

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With mobile phones so close to hand these days, it’s easier than ever to capture those precious moments with your children. In just a click you can take photographs and videos at a moment’s notice,  forever preserving that funny face he just pulled or that silly dance she just did.

My challenge is, what to do with all these wonderful memories? Aside from backing them up, my plans for photo albums, videos, collages and gifts are stacking up in the corner waiting for when I have a spare hour, weekend, week…

What I love about mobile apps (if you get the right one) is that they can make these tasks enjoyable and most importantly, possible. I recently learnt about the 1 second every day app that you can use to collate a montage video of a selected period of time. Through either using the app directly or just the video function on your phone, once you have captured a series of videos and photos, the app will collate them into a short montage video using a second of each video for you to download and share.

mum life 1 second every day app

mum life 1 second every day app

If you’re not particularly video savvy, then this is a great app to try as you can cut the clips you want quite simply as well as running a few separate video projects at the same time.

I’ve seen loads of these ‘my child from day zero’ videos online and always imagined that you would need some high-tech computer and video expertise to pull it together, but now I might be able to create one of my own.

So, I’m off to capture a few more moments of bump before she arrives and then will try amongst the madness of the first few weeks to build a montage video of that crazy but amazing time. Wish me luck!


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