Five quotes that sum up the last few weeks of pregnancy

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I was planning on writing a completely different post today, but as I started to write I realised I didn’t quite have the same passion, excitement and energy I normally do and this is largely down to my current situation. I am officially 40 weeks pregnant with my second baby.

I am now a walking time bomb waiting for our little one to make her grand entrance to the world. We are on red alert to any twinges, contractions and all of the other fun stuff that late pregnancy and labour brings.

I was convinced that this little one would arrive early, I’ve been having contractions on and off for the past couple of weeks, but it seems that my body is just enjoying a bit of warm up time before the big event. So we are now moving into the last couple of weeks of ‘extra time’ hoping that baby will decide to come and meet us sooner rather than later.

At this stage of the pregnancy, I have to admit I’m probably not the easiest person to be around (my husband will attest to this!). Going from excited highs cooing over tiny baby grows and then quickly to stomping around as I try to keep active in case that might help move things along. As for all the old wives tales, well we’ve gone through the list and baby is staying firmly put for now.

But I know once little one arrives, and I know she will soon as we have an eviction (I mean induction) date scheduled, I will likely forget this uncomfortable time and how the days really dragged at this point. So I wanted to write a post I can share with pregnant or future pregnant friends about the realities of these last few weeks, so that when their time comes I’m not just saying ‘it’ll be worth it in the end’ or ‘enjoy the peace and quiet’ whilst running around after my two kids.

I’ve seen quite a few pregnancy memes recently on my middle of the night insomnia searches and wanted to share my favourites with you…

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The realities of each trimester– summed up perfectly really.

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Waiting for the nesting instinct to kick in – certainly this is more true of this, my second pregnancy. It has taken me far longer to get ready this time (as my Timehop keeps reminding me) and I am guaranteed to have forgotten something important in my hospital bag!

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Maternity clothes – we all start out with good intentions of looks wonderfully chic throughout our pregnancy. And whilst I certainly made the effort throughout working, my final few weeks of maternity clothes have been a combination of leggings, what fits me and might be clean along with a few items from my husband’s wardrobe. #notsoglam

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Playing the waiting game – you’ve finally got to the last month, everything is ready and you can’t wait to meet your new baby. Little one is officially ready to enter the world, bags are packed and it’s now just a matter of time. I suggest finding a hobby or a new Netflix series to get your teeth into. These last few weeks are long and you definitely need to distract yourself! This week I plan on turning my hand to making homemade Easter eggs (something I would never normally consider doing). Watch this space for the results…

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The last two weeks – according to many statistics out there a lot of women will go past their due date and 20% will need to be induced, so this ‘extra time’ should be accounted for in our lovely pregnancy countdown apps or when we let others know the expected date of arrival. The due date after all was just an estimate. Nevertheless, even armed with this knowledge, this time can be frustrating and you can feel like your life is on hold until your new addition arrives. I have no answers for this as this where I’m at right now and even though the time is going slightly quicker this time around chasing after a toddler, all I can suggest is lots of pampering, eating nice things and trying to put your feet up. You’ll need all the energy you can find soon enough..



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