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Hoop: a new way to find activities for kids

mumlife hoop app 2

I love it when an app makes day to day  parenting just that little bit easier. So, I was very excited to download new app Hoop when it was recommended to me by a friend. Designed by a group of dads, this nifty little app allows you to search for activities in the local area by the age of your child, by day, by location …

Mum life tip: Baby Pics app

Baby pics app

As soon as you receive that positive pregnancy test, it’s possible to capture every step of your pregnancy as well as the beginnings of your new baby’s life. With a simple click of your camera phone, moments are preserved for you to share, print out or look back on whenever you wish. Pregnancy and the arrival of your new baby (and indeed the years afterwards) are …

Mum life tip: 1 Second Every Day app

mobile video app

With mobile phones so close to hand these days, it’s easier than ever to capture those precious moments with your children. In just a click you can take photographs and videos at a moment’s notice,  forever preserving that funny face he just pulled or that silly dance she just did. My challenge is, what to do with all these wonderful memories? Aside from backing them …