Amy Duthie

Mum life tip: 1 Second Every Day app

mobile video app

With mobile phones so close to hand these days, it’s easier than ever to capture those precious moments with your children. In just a click you can take photographs and videos at a moment’s notice,  forever preserving that funny face he just pulled or that silly dance she just did. My challenge is, what to do with all these wonderful memories? Aside from backing them …

Getting ready for our new baby

baby-feet-1025398 (1)

So, with the due date now just a few weeks away, we are getting the final preparations ready for our new arrival. The car seat has come down from the loft, the hospital bags are packed, clothes have been washed and we have a supply of tiny nappies. Now that maternity leave has started, I have no doubt I will soon be emptying kitchen cupboards …

Inspiration for choosing a two-year old’s birthday cake


It’s almost birthday time here at Mum life and so our thoughts are turning to choosing a birthday cake for our little one. Last year, our daughter turned one on the exact weekend we moved house and attended her uncle’s wedding so we quickly arranged for her cake to be made. This year, asides from the impending arrival of her sister, life is a lot quieter …